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How New Payday Loan Companies Are Empowering Borrowers: P2P loans & new fintech lenders

Having a poor credit score can be a major roadblock when it comes to obtaining the funds you need. Fortunately, new payday loan companies have emerged to help those with low credit scores get access to the money they need. These companies offer peer-to-peer (P2P) loans, as well as fintech lenders that provide more flexible lending options than traditional banks.

Let’s take a closer look at how these new loan companies are empowering borrowers with bad credit.

The Benefits of P2P Loans

Peer-to-peer loans are becoming increasingly popular among borrowers with bad credit because they often come with more favorable terms than traditional bank loans. This is because P2P loans are funded by individual investors rather than banks or other large financial institutions. As a result, P2P lenders are able to offer lower interest rates and longer repayment terms than many traditional banks, which makes them more attractive for those with low credit scores who may not qualify for other types of financing.

Fintech Lenders Break Barriers

In addition to P2P loans, there is also a growing number of fintech lenders that specialize in providing short-term funding to those with bad credit. These fintech lenders typically use alternative data sources instead of relying solely on FICO scores when assessing applicants’ creditworthiness, meaning that applicants who may have been denied by traditional banks can still qualify for these types of loans. Furthermore, these fintech lenders usually provide borrowers with the funds they need fast, making them ideal for those who need quick access to cash.

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